We are an inspiring international residential property company in Fukuoka. Proudly we provide professional real estate services as well as property management services to a wide range of consulates of different countries. If you are looking to buy a property in Fukuoka, we would be delighted to help by providing you with our outstanding Japanese hospitality.


Rent a property

House/Apartment/Land/Commercial Property

Over the last few years, due to the city’s growing international profile, there has been an increase in demand for purchasing properties in Fukuoka among domestic and overseas buyers, especially Asian buyers. We provide a wide choice of premium lettings options to meet all your requirements.
As an experienced real estate company, we have successfully provided our services to multiple consulates by renting world-class properties (rental costs over 500,000 JPY per month) as well as luxury properties near international schools in Fukuoka. For international business expatriates and overseas clients, our services are also available in English. If you are wishing to rent an exclusive property, you can count on us.

Buy a property

House/Apartment/Land/Commercial Property

The number of clients buying properties in Fukuoka is currently growing, as Fukuoka is one of the best and most liveable cities in Japan. Whether you are looking for a property with a sea view, or simply do not want to compromise yourself, feel free to get in touch. Let us help you find your dream property! From tower apartments in the city centre to investment property, we offer an extensive portfolio of properties to suit your needs. All services are available in English. At Kyushu Real Estate Consultant, we understand that finding the perfect “My Home” is extremely important and you can count on us to find the perfect home for you.

Sell a property

House/Apartment/Land/Commercial Property

We are absolutely confident at getting your property in front of the right buyer.
Most property owners tend to choose large enterprises when it comes to selling and most buyers choose a property by comparing specifications such as the property’s value and price. At Kyushu Real Estate Consultant, we carefully select photos, videos and more which we use online and on social media platforms to maximise the value of your property and to ultimately conclude the best possible sale for you. You can count on us to get the most out of your property.

Let a property

House/Apartment/Land/Commercial Property

Our aim is to secure contracts and move-in dates at an early stage for our clients.
Our company is highly experience at working with large corporations, overseas enterprises, consulates and international groups. We also receive enquiries from VIPs and various elite clients. we carefully select photos, videos and more which we use online and on social media platforms to maximise the value of your property and to ultimately conclude the best possible sale for you. We hope that you will feel every confidence in leaving your prized assets in our capable hands.



‘Im originally from Fukuoka City, where I was raised.
I went to university in Okinawa and studied Mechanical Engineering. After graduation, It was expected that I would begin work in Tokyo, but I wanted to see and have experiences overseas, so I begged my parents let me go to the United States.
I studied and worked together with people from all over the world in Nashville, Tennessee.
That was an amazing experience, and introduced me to different culture, food, religious ideas, rules, common sense, and opinions about a diverse number of social topics.
I simultaneously realized how great my own country is as well, and I could be proud of being Japanese. If I hadn’t gone to see and experience another country, I couldn’t have noticed about these feelings of being proud of my country.
Those experiences were precious and I gained a new outlook on life. I do appreciate my parents for letting me do so.
I want to treasure every meeting and encounter I have, not only with people, but also with properties. Every property is unique. It has different character, like human beings; they have different appearance, character, type, thinking. Thus, I want to make this connection meaningful when introducing each property in order to find the best match for your needs.
Please let me help in your preparation of new life.
I looking forward to meeting you all.

Best RegardsKei Onitsuka



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